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Damage Inc started as a band called "TT Smash" in the Flint Michigan area, playing the local clubs on a regular basis. During rehearsal one night in 1991, we discussed the possibility of touring. Rusty knew some people at an agency in Ohio that booked bands across the country. We called the agency that night to talk about future possibilities. They were badly in need of a Metallica tribute that was actually "good" at playing Metallica songs. This wasduring the big "tribute band" era when you could not name a national act that wasn't being tributed by somebody. We were reluctant at first since we were like most musicians and wanted to play originals to sold out arena's. But realizing this was not an option, we decided to give the Metallica thing a try. The existing band "TT Smash" had to be rearranged a little before "Damage Inc" would emerge. Within TT Smash, Eric was the bassist and Tony was the singer. but as luck would haveit, Tony was also a great bassist and Eric (Who sounded the most like James Hetfield) could play guitar. We rounded up a 30 song set list of Metallica hits, hired some road crew, rented a truck and took off for our first gig as Damage Inc in Cincinatti, Ohio at a club called "Hurricane". On the drive to the Hurricane club, our Uhaul trailer lost a wheel. It got hot and melted the hub and broke right off, sending our van loaded with 8 people and loads of equipment into a wild zig-zag down I-75. It scared the hell out of us, but we got another trailer and made it to the show in plenty of time. The show went great, it gave us the confidence we needed to take over the rest of the eastern United States.

The original line up lasted a little over two years, until Tony and Bill left and we hired Entice guitarist "Jason Keith" to play bass, and Halloween drummer "Bill Adams" or "BA" to take over drums. Soon afterwards, Rusty left the band and Jason took over guitar when we hired "Donny Allen", another former member of Halloween, to play bass. This would be the final line up for the band. We toured a total of 26 states in 4 years, hitting hundreds of clubs. Sometimes playing in Florida one night and Maine the next. We had a top of the line band with an awesome stage show complete with pyro technics. Just a tribute band? Maybe, but one of the best that ever formed.

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