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Entice was first formed by Eric VanLandingham, Mike Strange and Aaron DeBard in the mid 1980's, after a few years of being too young and inexperienced, the band broke up and Eric went to the Flint area in search of new members. The final line up was formed around 1990 and included Eric, Jason Keith and Bill Bradley. This project lasted for a few years while members also pursued other avenue's. The band released one CD (Tape back then) and shopped it to record companies without much luck. The general consensus was that Entice was too heavy for commercial sales. Songs were intricate, hard driving and well written. The band was a powerhouse live and never disappointed fans. Entice had a very loyal following, people either loved the band or hated the band, but no one ignored us. Entice was a great power trio that ended up being a very important learning experience for later projects.

The self titled cassette tape was released in 1991 after being recorded in just 8 hours at a local recording studio! In 2007, Retrospect Records rereleased the recording in CD format under their new subsidiary "RetroThrash Records. The CD is available at the Retrospect web site here

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