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Welcome to the very special release of "Meet My Demons", the 2008 Retrospect Records release from Eric VanLandingham.

I am excited to share this work of five years with the entire world, particularly those who can relate to this CD in a way that no human should have ever experienced...in a perfect world.

"Meet My Demons" is the result of five years of hard work on not only writing the music, lyrics, recording, arranging, but five years of intense research to uncover the reasons behind the disorder that causes such hell in a persons mind. What causes it and how to stop it, those are the two most important questions faced during this entire struggle.

The demons? These are the worst demons in existence, the demons of ones own mind, the demons that live inside you, that refuse to go away. They are speaking to you in your sleep, they are screaming at you while you are awake. 1000 voices, each with it's own opinion, each insisting on being louder than the rest...maddening


Firestorm Radio

"This is a heavy metal story from the dark that is a must have for every hard rock fan. It is packed full of catchy guitar riffs, blistering guitar solos, hammering drums, and great story telling vocals. With power packed songs like “Born”, and “From the Outside” to the grand ending of “Welcome to Your Funeral” this is one album that defiantly delivers in its entirety." – Crash, Firestorm Radio .com

Retrospect Records

"Fantastic Hi-Octane Metal in the style of King Diamond meets Megadeth. One of the best metal indies of 2008..."

Ronny Munroe - Metal Church

"Hey Eric, sound's great man! It take's alot of talent to do everything , much respect!"

Steve Stine - Grimmstine

"Love the solos in Ingorance Shame, dig the Panteraish groove on From the Outside, like EVERYTHING about 1000 voices, the old school Megadethy feel of No One Attacked, and really dig the Final Battle as well.

Honestly it's a great, solid CD. The vocals are great, the solos are great, and what I really like is the composition. Really solid songs, Eric.

I enjoy this CD a ton."

T.J. - MeltedMetal.com

"Hey Eric & Retrospect People:
The shit's hot as hell, man! Definitely an add on our next update!"

Hardrock Haven's Derric Miller

"If you just crank up "1,000 Voices" or "Ignorance Shame," you'll be wanting to own the whole release anyway. There is nothing found wanting on Meet My Demons."

Patchman Marco - Dutch Violent Moshground Magazine

"it’s just a great masterpiece and so I think every real classic hardrock and heavy metal fan will like this album for sure!"

Daniel - Metal Factory Switzerland

"let me say at this point, that I am really impressed about your huge work! It's a masterpiece Dude and it should really be known by lots of heavy fans more!"

Hans - Digital Steel WebZine

"This CD lays on my doormat 2 months after its release and I can tell you that it normally should have ended in my personal top 10 for 2008, so I think I will take Meet My Demons with me to my list of 2009"